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Money Management

Total Bank Roll (TBR)

Total Bank Roll (TBR) = Total $$$ Willing to be Wagered for the Month. I recommend dividing the TBR by 20 to establish 5% per Unit parameters for consistency. (TBR / 20 = 5% per Unit)

Daily Bank Roll (DBR)

I recommend 4 Units max per day to limit major TBR losses and achieve discipline for long term success.



AVinny not only provides daily winners and game analysis but also a money management system to optimize profits and limit losses to help guarantee a profitable year.

Units are simple for easy tracking and to depict the relative of significance for each: Like (1U = 5%)  or Love (2U = 10%) . The records will be logged on homepage and Units graphed weekly with +/- 1U or 2U per game.


*Avinny does not guarantee the picks as winners but only suggests profitable wager selections. It is strongly recommended to stick to designated UNITS and proper bankroll management to avoid any significant losses.

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