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Here are some very essential key guidelines Ive learned over the last decade and payed the price to learn. I hope it helps and Im sure by following some basic principles it will only better thyself.
1. Never Parlay
Even though parlaying may be enticing to try to get rich quick and you may hit some big payoff tickets now and again, the name of the game is sustainability and every time you add a leg its 10X harder to hit the ticket with payouts that equal the same risk. Ultimately, there is no value and its better to take single games but if you must parlay stick to 2 teamers with the 3:1 payout and keep it low risk.
2. Avoid Totals
No matter your handicapping strategy, betting on totals is highly volatile, mentally / emotionally exhausting, and involves more risk than betting on a spread as a team is playing to win the game rather than worrying about a total. A win is a win even if its sloppy or fast paced. Again its about sustainability and predictability and totals provide neither.
3. Stick To A Money Management System
You may go 9-1 on any given day and still be down due to poor money management system. Trust me Ive been been there and befuddled being down while calling more winners than losers everyday. Never chase your losses because it involves too much bank roll risk with each increased wager. The trick to a key money management system is to have consistency. I recommend dividing one’s total bankroll by 50 to establish a Unit (U). A max of 4-5 units wagered daily on the busiest and biggest days.


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The first week I started betting on NBA games was the worst week I ever had... I subscribed to several expensive cappers from a variety of sites in pursuit to learn the trick to be a successful sports gambler. Naturally, they all lost every game and within a week my bankroll was gone. I figured I could do better than that!! So I taught myself how to be a successful gambler and handicapper. 4 years later I have been more profitable than I ever anticipated! I've been to Vegas several times fully funded from winnings and have won numerous $1,000+ games. I've won so consistently that I have moved into a high rise on the strip in Vegas in anticipation of the most profitable season yet!

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